Yes You Can Draw!


"Drawing is not rocket science! But, it can be a challenge if you don't think you have the 'talent'. The simple truth is - it's not very much about 'talent' at all. Anyone can learn to draw. If you can write your name, drive a car or follow a recipe - YOU can learn to draw."

Designed for both beginners and improvers, this double DVD set contains a wealth of tips and tricks aimed at removing the fear of drawing and designed to help you build confidence in your abilities.

DVD 1 - is full of practical advice and techniques including:

  • Learning good, simple drawing habits

  • Developing your observational skills

  • Identifying the simple shapes that are the building blocks of all things

  • The range of marks you can make with graphite pencils

  • Seeing light and dark values

  • Improving the accuracy of your drawings - plus perspective de-mystified

  • Hints and tips for good composition

DVD 2 - follows me as I complete two drawings on location in Lincolnshire (a landscape and a portrait) - with my full commentary that brings together all the techniques explained on the first disc.

Professionally filmed in HD by Teaching Art Ltd, this set contains 160 minutes of instruction, advice and practical demonstrations on 2 disks. It is fully illustrated throughout with my drawings and sketches - and shot from multiple viewpoints giving excellent views of the subject, the artist's point of view and the actual drawings themselves.

The DVD set is available direct from me at the lower, direct price of £15 (+ P&P).

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